Uni-En-Iso 9001

Quality Politic - Europa Tourist Group - UNI EN ISO 9001

SGQ certification in accordance to UNI-EN-ISO 9001 is voluntary for Europa Tourist Group as the importance of this element can have for our clients and investors present on national and international territory.
Europa Tourist Group management, aware of its own leadership role, expresses the will to extend the SGQ to all its structures, improving its efficacy and guarantee client a high quality of the service in all administrated buildings.
To purchase those results the Europa Tourist Group involves all the staff to spread the mentality of continuous improvement.
For Europa Tourist Group the purchasing of greatest client’s satisfaction concerning supplying service in particular inherent the efficiency, timeliness, price, reliability during time and the image of the Group, is the cardinal point for valuation of company strategies.
In particular, to guarantee a more efficient service offices of Europa Tourist Group are open all year round, included Sundays and official holidays, thanks to the booking system and the call centre, allow a direct interaction between client and offices which compose the whole company network organization.
Politic of quality defined from management, coherent with general strategy of organization, establishes the following priority objectives:
• The constant attention on necessities, expectations (even not expressed) and client’s satisfaction;
• The improvement of accommodations, both in quality and quantity;
• The scrupulous planning of different processes of organization to optimize the use of human resources and contain the relative costs;
• The continuous information, sensitization and education of resources working in organization especially in reference to SGQ;
• The application, the control and the periodical re-examine of this politic, relative objectives and improvement targets in relation to SGQ.
For each objective are established targets, indicators and probable programs and responsibilities.
The Management make available resources and adequate proceedings to settled objectives and targets, in terms of competence, equipment, information, economic and financial resources, and to monitor the adequacy.
The Management, which wants to base its decisions on analysis of data and information, promotes a methodological approach centred on systematic data collection and their exact analysis. To this end, Management mentions the Group Quality Manager (Europa Tourist Group), as responsible of monitoring activity, maintenance and improvement of SGQ as a function of common objectives fixed in advanced.
Audit concerning SGQ are effected regularly with the intent to verify the carrying out and efficacy on attainment of settled annual objectives to suggest any corrections.
The Management devotes itself to reconsider, at least once a year, the adequacy of SGQ. In that occasion verifies the achievement of annual objectives concerning Quality and analyzes any variation.
Politic of quality is periodically re-examined and when necessary it will be reviewed.
A copy of quality politic together with the official functional organization chart is exhibited at each structure of Europa Tourist Group, moreover the politic of quality is also published in following websites: www.etgroup.info, www.etgrouphotels.com and www.europare.com


The Management

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